Benden İnternet Projeler Site Tanıtımı Hosting Reklam Link Ticareti 16 nisan 2010 kurulmuş olan, (daha kaç saat oldu ki) Hosting Alımı Satımı, Reklam Almak ve Vermek, Link Alımı Satışı yada Script Satmak ve Almak için olusturulmuş bir Webmaster sitesidir..

Aynı zamanda sadece bu kategorileri tek bir çatı altında bulundurarak kendi dalında İlk TÜRK E-Ticaret Forumudur..

Proje tasarımınında ve alt yapısında yaklaşık 39’la 40 bin üye kitlesine sahip olan kurucucundan biri bulunmaktadır.. Tabi bizde olarak bu projede bulunucaz..


  • hello smart little blog site you have there 😉 I apply the same template on my own yet unfortunately for whatever nutty reasons it looks to load speedier on this site eventhough this blog seems to have a lot more content material. Are you currently making use of any kind of plugins or widgets which speed it up? Do you think you could quite possibly write about the names so maybe I would be able to use them in my internet site so twilight eclipse supporters could watch twilight breaking dawn online trailers and clips more quickly I would be happy – regards ahead of time 🙂

  • I didn’t add any extra features / plugins to make the theme faster .. Audio player, Google Xml Sitemaps are the only plugins I installed. I think the only reason makes the site faster is our host ( But the site is slow for our country..

  • hi i posted a comment quite some time back pertaining to exactly how to speed up my twilight eclipse website’s load time because we employed the same theme during the time and someone placed a remark answering it on my webpage a couple of days ago – if that was you I simply wanted to say thanks, and if it wasn’t you then sorry to take the time you, but thanks anyway! 🙂

  • Hi,Yes that was me who has written that answer. By the way, my english is not enough to write to you, so I’m taking help to translate from my friends. You’re welcome,
    Best regards,Forzamad

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